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So, I did the thing. I played Frank N Furter to a sold out Majestic Theater. And to be honest, Kinda KILLED IT.

It was, unfortunately, so sold out that my closest people, who I specifically wanted to be there to see it, didn’t get in. One of them was SUPPOSED to be early, and to record parts for me, but did not make it in time. I’m mad at that one, but whatever.

But I did it, and I rocked it other than a few blocking mistakes and a couple miscues, and being 15 seconds late for a scene because I was having a panic attack.

And it was stressful as shit, and omg I hurt EVERYWHERE from all the running in heels, and crawling, and falling dramatically, but I think I would do it again.

selfie in mirror of me in full frank costume. corset, fishnets, and all

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