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fuckfuckfuckfuck fuck this shit

So, there was, of fucking course, actually one more goddamn inspection that we somehow didn't know about before we were cleared to move back in for real. And we failed it, meaning we all have to move back out until we handle the last few things. And it is shit that we exempted the contractors from in order to get shit done faster, so we're doing this shit. It's all shit we can do, or hire people on our own, and I think we are more likely to do it fast than these fucking contractors, so we should be back in before too long. The first estimate was dec 1st, but we said fuck that, we're bringing in more people.

But we have to move back out. fuck that shit. things were starting to come together, we were doing FINE with only one full bathroom, community was developing. Fuck that shit, for real.

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