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Dude, I totally have fucking pinkeye. PINKEYE! I caught a cold at wiscon, and it decided it wants to try living in my fucking eye.

Because, of course, I am doing rocky horror on friday, and I have to have something horribly wrong with me when I go onstage. HAVE TO. The only time I haven’t been sick as fuck doing the rhps since I got back into it was the first show when I accidentally got blackout drunk because I was so nervous I forgot to eat and tried to drink off the nerves. One time, I literally had not made it out of bed except to pee for like 36 hours before the show, got done, went back to bed for 14 hours, and had a fever of 102. Another time I got a bladder infection just in time for the show. That was AWESOME, what with the costume issues and never being offstage for more than two minutes.

Last time I was only vaguely sick, but playing frank for the first time in a sold out show that none of my friends could get into, and was going through some emotional bullshit

This time, its ONLY pinkeye, no childcare for rehearsals, and being up to my tits in coop bullshit.

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